Benefits of Kanten

Eating Kanten agar results in many health benefits; so many that they can’t be summarized easily. Preventing obesity and lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels are just a few examples of how beneficial this miracle ingredient is.

A Lasting Sense of Satisfaction


Kanten agar absorbs liquids in the stomach and expands, making you feel full longer. This means adding Kanten to a meal can help prevent over-eating. Here is how it works.

The dietary fibers in Kanten have the characteristic of being water soluble and insoluble at the same time, which allows for it to reach the small intestine without being completely dissolved by enzymes in the stomach. These fibers attach to waste like excess sugars and harmful materials in the small intestine, helping improve the general health of the intestine. In the large intestine, Kanten increases the volume of fecal matter, preventing constipation and improving bowel movement.

Kanten: Virtually Zero Calories

Zero Calories

Approximately 80% of Kanten agar, which is made from seaweed including red algae, consists of dietary fiber. The dietary fiber itself contains zero calories, therefore Kanten contains practically no calories at all.

Furthermore, Kanten, has extremely low sugar content, which is why it is a strong ally to those on low sugar or low carb diets. Megumi Kanten’s products are gluten free, non-GMO and all natural, so they are excellent for health-conscious people and those on specific diets.

The Kanten Effect

Kanten Effect

To learn about the effects of Kanten agar on lifestyle diseases, research was conducted in 2007 with adults in Japan. Sixty participants considered to have high cholesterol levels were asked to eat Kanten 5 days a week for 4 months. They were then asked to stop eating Kanten to see how levels would change in their blood tests.

The results showed that overall levels of cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, neutral fat and blood sugar have improved, regardless of the quantity of Kanten consumed during the research period. From the moment the participants stopped eating Kanten, these levels began returning to their original numbers. While eating Kanten, many participants also lost weight. When they stopped eating Kanten, their weight gradually returned.

Source: Kanten Manufacturers Association of Nagano Prefecture