Message from President

Yoshihiro Hayashi

Since its establishment in 1948, Kitahara Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Megumi Kanten) has manufactured and sold Kanten, a traditional food from Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The raw ingredient used to manufacture Kanten is seaweed. Kanten is rich in dietary fiber and is a non-calorie food, an ideal addition to any healthy diet.

To better adapt to changing lifestyles and current dietary trends, we have focused on expanding our product line beyond the typical block-shaped Kanten to include products such as our Kanten Noodles and Powdered Kanten. With these new products we now have the means to provide Kanten in a way that merges seamlessly with daily household meal preparation. Furthermore, many additional new products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle are under steady development.

Every product we manufacture is the result of our philosophy: To use a plentiful amount of raw natural ingredients in a sustainable way, to put our customers first at all times, and to provide a safe, delicious, and healthy addition to any dietary lifestyle. At the same time, we proactively diversify our areas of production and packaging, thanks to which we are able to deliver high quality products with stable distribution.

We pursue further improvement in quality and production technique in order to provide an even safer, even more delicious, and more diverse selection of Kanten products and to share the numerous benefits of Kanten with the world.

Yoshihiro Hayashi
President, Kitahara Sangyo Co., Ltd.