• What is “Kanten” ?

    Commonly known as agar, Kanten is the Japanese name for this gelatinous substance made from seaweed

  • Why eat “Kanten” ?

    Rich in dietary fiber and zero in calories, Kanten agar has many health benefits!

  • How to use “Kanten”

    Kanten agar can be used as a coagulating agent and a vegetarian substitute for gelatin

  • Is “Kanten” good for me ?

    Kanten agar is gluten free, vegetarian and all natural! – so,“Yes!”

Kanten is a Traditional Ingredient Unique to Asia

In Japan and Asia, many gelatinous sweets and drinks are made using Kanten agar.
It is also used as a gelatin substitute to make Western desserts such as jelly
and pudding. Now, new and healthy products like Kanten noodles and Kanten
toppings are beginning to emerge.

  • Agar justified
  • Agar jelly
  • Agar jelly

Beneficial Traits of Kanten

Kanten agar works as an appetite suppressant. It is high in dietary fiber and contains practically zero calories. Dietary fiber in Kanten absorbs liquid in the stomach and expands, providing a lasting sense of fullness.